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This unique pack of range measurers is something new for the Strategy Battle Game ? a set of 7 hard plastic replica weapons from The Lord of the Rings? designed to help you check ranges and measure during your games. They are faithfully based on the wargear from the movies, and they?re also super-handy when you?re playing the game.
Each weapon in the set has a different size? with some of them especially appropriate. Sting is 4?, which is how far Hobbits can move, while Gimli?s axe is 5? long (the typical move for a Dwarf). Even Gandalf?s staff is 12? long, which just so happens to be the range of most Magical Powers.

Oh, and there?s a nifty double-sided Priority marker in the set too. One side has the White Tree while the other displays the baleful Eye of Sauron ? perfect for showing whether Good or Evil has Priority this turn.

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