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This massive tome of rules is the definitive source for all of the models from our The Lord of the Rings? range ? from the famed heroes of The Fellowship of the Ring? to the Dark Lord Sauron, lumbering Mûmakil, the Balrog of Morgoth and loads more besides. In fact, there are more than 260 different profiles for the heroes and warriors of The Lord of the Rings?, organised into iconic army lists. Each army list also includes a special bonus you unlock in Matched Play games if your force is suitable thematic.
As well as all the profiles, The Armies ofThe Lord of the Rings? also includes 11 Narrative Play scenarios, designed to help you recreate some of the most iconic events and battles from the history of Middle-earth, including the fall of Khazad-dûm and the Ambush at Amon Hen. All of this is jammed into a 240-page sourcebook, along with glorious imagery from The Lord of the Rings? and fantastic miniatures photography.

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